Sitting Room

The design of the sitting room was based on the purchase of a new Navy L shape sofa bought from Casey’s in Cork. To be honest when we bought the sofa first, , it seemed huge in the room as it had a higher back compared to our previous three piece brown sofa and the room seemed very vacant compared to the previous room layout.

It took quiet some time to try and decide how to decorate around the room as I wanted to keep roman blinds and wall paint I had (fawn colour). The fireplace in the room consists of a large oak fireplace. First of all I thought about using a monochromatic blue/white colour scheme but decided not to go with it as the previous colour scheme was monochromatic in cream and browns.

Eventually I found a beautiful multi-coloured rug from Next, The colour palette of the rug together with the navy in the couch provided me with a huge colour range to work with.

To balance the room better, I introduced two Queen Ann Chairs which are very different style wise to the couch. However, I had these reupholisted in a beautiful amber and green colour which tone in well with the wool rug. and make them more contemporary looking but still keeping the classic shape. I also had some cushions made in the same fabric which I could use on the couch to bring the colours together. An existing footstool was also reupholstered in the same green fabric.

Rather than put a big coffee table on the coloured rug, I chose two sets of small side table which I could hold beside the chairs.  Two mustard lamps were added to the room. 

To tie the room and colours together better, the main wall together with wall lights was painted in Navy (Dulux Moda Gatsby Blue. The navy colour really complimented the warmth of the oak wood in the fireplace and the wall lights provide a lovely effect at night.

To accessorise the room, I placed a large gold mirror above the fireplace which contrasts beautifully with the dark navy blue on the wall. To the left of the fireplaces is a metal shelf unit where I placed several objects vases, pictures in colours to compliment the colour scheme.

At night time the wall lights also provide a lovely glow or mood lighting.

On holidays last year in Italy, we purchased two beautiful prints, on a beach scene and one a city scene of Manhattan which I have framed in a bronze/gold to tie in mirror . All in all I think i have create a lovely warm contemporary vibrant sitting room .

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