Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern Style originated in America in the mid-1930s’ and was very popular to the mid-1960s’   The style originated from earlier styles such as Bauhaus which began in Germany.  After World War II, many Bauhaus architects and designers migrated to America and brought their modern design thinking with them.

Mid-century modern style  is defined by simple forms, clean lines, organic curves, and high functionalit. Rich colours are used together with a mix of different materials and shapes. The style is very versatile and playful. and icentres on open plan and high functionality.

Colour Palette

.The colour palette is generally natural and warm, ranging from bright hues to earthy colours. he style works with many different shades. It is characterized for its use of colours like olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, teal, red or softer shades such as light pink or light blue. 

Source – Curatedinterior.com

Mid-century Modern Designers incorporated relatively new materials like metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood, and balanced these with different natural wooden tones to create novel exciting combinations.


The Furniture of these era was characterized by its’ practical design and beautiful craftsmanship. The technological advances of that time led to the production and development of a range of new materials, making it possible for designers to explore and make new sculptural pieces. Consequently, furniture was seen as a piece of art and became a focal point in a room.

Furniture was natural and generally finished in natural dark shades of timber like walnut usually with rounded shapes. Charles and Ray Eame’s Lounge chair and Eileen Gray’s Transat and Bibendum Chair are perfect example of furniture of this time all of which are still produced today.


Accessories found in this era consisted of ‘Handmade’ and organic shapes. Ceramics played a big part and varied in size ranging from small and squatty pieces to tall pieces with long necks. Finishes were speckled, earthy and volcanic glass were used.

 Rugs, cushions, and textiles mixed with different solid colors and geometric patterns and ‘kitchy’ and playful designs were used.  This rich mix of textures is one of the fundamental characteristics of this style. Shapes varied in size Designs were ‘Kitchy’ and playful, and also included geometric patterns and design


Plants played a big role in Mid-century modern style, plants can be displayed in interesting planters to add character and movement to the space.

Pictures of plants


Lighting is bold and creative.  Lighting tends to be hanging fixtures with an artistic purpose. Using multiple lamps is also a good idea, so combine different lighting layers through floor, table, and hanging lamps.


Artwork variedfrom abstract paintings to geometrical sculptures Art from the mid-century modern period was unlike anything people has seen before because of its simplicity,the striking colours and material used.

From my research I realise that the mid-century modern look is still very current today. Reproductions of the vintage min-century designs is very popular today because of its clean lines and timeless look.  These pieces are still fresh and still feel modern and sit well  in a contemporary home or interior.  

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