Home Office Makeover

A little background on our Home Office Makeover. Over the past 10 years we have used two rooms interchangeably as a home office and a guestroom in our house. We are back to our original format where the office is located to the right of the hall as you walk in the front door so that it is quite separate from the rest of the house. The room is south facing, has a large window and is generally bright.

The office has had many different uses, it was used as study when the children were doing exams, a computer room, (I used to run computer classes from home), and for a former business that we ran. Today, it is used primarily by my husband Pat who works a couple of days a week from home.

Home Office Objectives

Our objective for the home office makeover was to make a space that would have a old style feel and to have additional seating area, when on long calls. This seating area was to double as a reading area ((we sound like real intellectuals – NOT).

Here’s what we did

Starting out, the office space already has a permanent oak Billy book shelf unit from Ikea in place and an oak wooden floor.

The space already had a big desk with a corner which we we decided to get rid of and replace it with a table that was more original. We managed to locate a unique raw edge beech wood desk with green epoxy resin on. The desk was a good bit narrower than what we were used to, but, it made us think about how Pat worked and streamlined the process

The walls were painted with Crown’s new Elle Decoration Botanical a flat matt paint which lended itself to the old style feel we were looking for.

We set about installing the double screen necessary for Pat’s work in a ergonomic manner. . We complimented the desk with a black fabric chair which works well with the black in the desk.

An existing comfortable couch upholstered in a more traditional type fabric which toned well with the wall colour and the theme we were looking to achieve was set up in the window area.. Rich tones of blue wine and green cushions were used to compliment the subtle colours of the couch fabric.

To finish the look we have created two gallery walls, one we call the ‘Education Gallery’ or our most ‘Expensive Wall’ where we display the family’s achievements and money sent on education to date. We have left two spaces for two more certs to be added to later in the year.!

The second Gallery holds a range of photographs of us and our families of various events taken over the years. We are delighted with how the office turned out. Hope you like it too!.


As the room is south facing, there is a good amount of natural light coming into the room. The desk is sitting at right angles to the window which avoids reflection on the computer screen. and a blind which can be pulled down to minimize the glare. A desk light with a low wattage bulb and different levels of output has been set up on the desk for task work.

Some important things to note about the make over, the most important thing is choosing the desk. Make sure it is big enough to hold all you want and what you want to do. Secondly, comfort is key, so the chair you choose should provide support and be ergonomically correctable. Lighting is next, make sure you have appropriate task and overall lighting.

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