Hi there, welcome to Home for me and a little introduction to myself.

My name is Annette Cleary. I live in Tramore, County Waterford, am married to Pat and have young adults Jack and Robyn.

Jack lives in Cambridge in the UK and works as a Digital Concept Artist and Robyn has just graduated from University College Cork and is working from home for a large Retail Company in Cork.

My interest in interior design stems from my childhood where I watched my mom ‘Betty’ sew, knit, paint, etc.  All our clothes (including coats) were homemade.   Jumpers were either hand or machine knit.  Between times,  she embroidered, did tapestry, made soft furnishings, curtains, upholstered chairs and even a full suite of furniture.  Its’ no wonder I have developed a love for all things interior.

Over the years, I have attended different short courses, ranging from flower arranging, craft creation. I completed a City & Guilds course in creative techniques for interiors and a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration with the Limpert Academy of Design.

This blog details some of my decorating and design tips on how I have decorated and created the various rooms in my home and how we undertook a rennovation this year and the changes we made

Hope you enjoy.