Sitting Room Update

It all started when we decided to have the wooden floor re-sanded. Our floors are oak Junkers wood and have been in the house since it was built. The night before Chris (the Floor Sanding Expert ) arrived, I decided it was wise to paint the ceiling before the work started. With great enthusiam, I set to work straight away. Unfortunately, I did not have the power in my arms to do a smooth job so it turned out a little patchy!

Needless to say Chris did a fabulous jobs on the floor and brought them back to life after 20 years of wear and tear. The following weekend, I had to cover the entire floor with plastic and repaint the ceiling and the entire room, The three main walls are painted in Crown’s Wheatgrass and on the fireplace was we used another Crown paint called Collage (a luxury flat emulsion). We decided to go with the green as it toned in with the green accents in the rug and cushions as well as complimenting the strong colour choices in the sofa and vintage armch.

Our Navy L shaped sofa is from Casey’s Furniture store in Cork. The small glass tables are from homebase and the yellow lampshades are from Woodies. The rug is from Next and really brings the room together. The couch is styled with yellow rugs from Home Sense and the cushions were made from a beautiful harlequin fabric which compliments the rug.

We have two vintage armchairs which we inherited when we purchased our first home in London and have been with us ever since. They have had many different looks thanks to my wonderfully gifted Mom. We have had them reupholsted in a beautiful gold and green velvet/velour fabric which give them a more comtempory look whilst still holding onto their classic form.

Lighting has been kept simple with ceramic wall up lights which were be painted the same colour as the walls so the lighting is quite suble. Glass table lights with yelllow shades are used on the tables and a standard pendant light shade the same colour as the main wall hangs from the central pendant.

The windows were dresed with roman blinds as we wanted to keep a much light in the room as possible. The fabric used here is a light beige velour which compliments the walls. We added a few pieces of artwork to the walls which we bought in holiday in Bergamo in Italy.

Our metal shelf unit has been styled with varous personal pieces.

Needless to say we are delighted with out if turned out.